PushPen Press announces its next anthology, entitled ONE.

Once again, we are challenging nonfiction writers to focus tightly on their work, searching for the power of truth, experience, and vision in their flash nonfiction work. More information to come, and for now, here are the guidelines for ONE.



What made you one? What one thing scattered your bits to the four winds?

What made you whole? What one force tore you to pieces?

What made your direction clearer, your purpose dearer?

What illumined, however briefly, the flow you are in, the life you are living?

What singular moment created you? What one thing are you searching for?

What one irreparable loss defines you?


We are looking for nonfiction stories about the ONENESS that is you.

We are looking for powerful, focused short nonfiction about the path, the people, the pleasure and the pain that have brought you to this point.

We are looking for the ONE awareness that became the lesson of your life.

We are looking for the ONE moment that incited or inspired, destroyed or rebuilt.

We are looking for the ONE who walks into every room when you do.

We are looking for the pieces that built you into the ONE you are, and maybe the ONE who has always been in you.

We are looking for the vision you have of this ONE life.


And we are looking for it in a nonfiction story of one thousand words.


Publication date for ONE is tentatively set in late summer 2016.

GENERAL GUIDELINES & WHAT WE’RE LOOKING FOR: We are looking for stories with Drive, Punch, and Insight. Consider “drive” as the motivation behind your story, why you have to tell it. “Punch” is the kick you give us in the intellectual head, or the big “Whoa!” moment, or perhaps the sudden “ah-ha” that connects us to your experience. ”Insight” is the uniqueness behind your story, the deeper lesson we can learn, or perhaps the awareness we receive well after reading your work. We accept virtually any topics. Please give considerable thought to your work, creativity to your craft, and polish to your words. Although we will edit your work if and when necessary, we are not your English 101 teachers.

PushPen Press